Aromatherapy Inhaler - Melancholy / Depression

Aromatherapy Inhaler - Melancholy / Depression

Owens Acres Aromatherapy Inhalers are made to order so they are always fresh!  These inhalers are specifically formulated to address a physical or psychological issue or complaint.  They are simple to use, non-addictive, and discrete. 


♥~~ Item Description ~~♥
--This essential oil inhaler is for feelings of melancholy, blue, or down in the dumps.  It's hard sometimes to get out of the funk, clear the fog, and dust of the cobwebs in the mind that hold back from being our normal self.  This inhaler is uplifting, gives a sense of calm and control, and clears the fog.  Comes with instruction card.

--Contains pure essential oils of  Pink Grapefruit, Sage, Lavender, Orange, Lemon, Bergamot and Neroli
Why an inhaler?
- Non addictive, can use anytime
- Discrete and easy to carry
- Simple to use
- Low cost holistic alternative 

Inhalers are small and discrete and can be easily stored in pocket, purse, or desk.  

Can be purchased as a gift set with the roll on essential oil - listed separately on my shop.

Made with Aloha in Hawaii

  • Inhaler Care

    • Do not share inhalers. 
    • Keep inhaler cap on tight when not in use as essential oils evaporate very quickly. 
    • Keep out of direct sunlight. 
    • Not recommended for children under 5 years old.
    • Inhalers typically last 4-6 months
    • Sorry these cannot be refilled