SELF CARE / Coping Gift Set / Grief / Trauma / Sadness

SELF CARE / Coping Gift Set / Grief / Trauma / Sadness

✿ Self Care for Coping ✿ Grief ✿ Trauma ✿  Sadness

-    Grief:  Frankincense & Rose
-    Sadness:  Bergamot & Neroli
-    Trauma:  Chamomile, Valerian, Lavender & Rose Geranium


✿ Self Care is so important especially during challenging times.  Treat yourself, those you love, and someone who deserves some appreciation /thanks to our new Self Care Gift Sets!  Each set is meant to complement each other and the balms can be used individually or in combinations!  The gift set includes three tins of handcrafted aromatherapy balms to help you relax your body, mind, and spirit.   


✿ Perfect little gift for:
- Yourself!  After all you cannot care for others until you look after yourself first.
- Ohana / Family
- BFF's / Girlfriends / CoWorkers
- Front Line Workers / First Responders / Medical Workers
- Shut In's / Quarantine / Elderly
- Teachers and Service Providers


Tins are 1/2 in size (1 13/15th" x 3/4") with screw top lids.  Small, discrete and easy to take with you!  Gift set also includes a 3" x 4" hand-stamped muslin bag.